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Courses | Cursos Ingles

    Learning English is as Easy as      1-2-3!

Basic  classes

By the end of this basic level, students will manage basic structures, functions and vocabulary required to start communicating effectively in the English-speaking world. Throughout this course, basic listening, comprehension and conversational skills will be developed. Students will be able to express everyday basic ideas.


Students will expand the foundations of the basic level. Students will extend their grammar, vocabulary and expressions. They will constantly be exposed to material that will help them develop listening and speaking skills. They will be able to express practical ideas with better pronunciation and intonation.


Level One

Low Intermediate.


Students will build on the foundations established in the elementary level. Students will expand and develop their basic conversational and listening skills as well as their grammar structures, reading skills and vocabulary.

LEVEL TWO  Intermediate

Students will combine the skills acquired in the lower levels with more complex language functions and vocabulary. They will also be exposed to more advanced reading passages and listening comprehension excersises.


High Intermediate

Students will be able stimulated to talk and write about a variety of topics.  Students will become more fluent in listening, speaking reading and writing. They will be exposed to real-life reading and listening passages.


At this level, practice what you’ve learned with our conversational classes.


Advanced  classes

Students will further extend their communicative abilities by the presentation of advanced topics by using advanced topics by using advanced grammar structures, vocabulary and the constant exposure to real-world material. The main goal is to polish the skills acquired in the previous courses and expand and expand on more sophisticated abilities needed for effective work and social communication.